Health, Doctor and Clothing

Health: doctors, clothing and health protection.

The Seychelles are free of malaria, as well as many other tropical diseases. Therefore no special vaccinations are necessary. However one must always take account of mosquitoes, therefore most hotels have air conditioning and/or fans in the rooms, or mosquito nets. Others use smoke coils. One should use skin protection lotions that can be obtained on the Seychelles. We recommend "Tiger Balm" – this cools the affected areas and prevents much of the itching. You can also purchase this in your local chemist in Europe. Autan has also proved helpful. On the Seychelles one can buy "Peaceful Sleep" which also gives good results.  Avoid scratching, as this can lead to infections. On the beaches avoid places where dried seaweed is found as sand flies like to lay their eggs there.

Mosquitoes can transfer the Dengue fever virus, which sometimes occurs on some islands. The illness causes fever, itching, a rash and tiredness and normally lasts two weeks. Vitamin C and antipyretic painkillers (e.g. aspirin) help.
Any minor injuries, such as abrasions should be washed in drinking water and disinfected with surgical spirit. Treat wounds with healing ointment, and in bad cases visit a doctor. Preferably touch nothing under water, especially anything unfamiliar, and wear fins or bathing shoes.

Avoid sunbathing, especially during the first days of your vacation . Protect yourself during trips by wearing a T-Shirt and a hat, and using sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. Tropical sun burn doesn’t just cause skin problems, circulatory problems are also likely.  The latter can occur due to salt loss; in the event of excess sweating salt tablets are useful.

Your travel first-aid kit should include the appropriate medicines. Since it can be quite difficult to obtain certain remedies on the islands it is advisable to bring with you medicines for complaints such as; pain, colds, fever, sunburn and diarrhoea. Even though the tap water, drinking water and the hygiene standards on the Seychelles are quite good, one cannot exclude the possibility of getting diarrhoea.

Health Care

The Seychelles has an excellent basic medical service covering the islands, which is free of charge for all local citizens. The clinics in all larger areas on Mahé and also Praslin and La Digue are open on weekdays from 08.00 to 16.00, Saturday until midday only. In the hospital in Victoria numerous specialists are available. The larger hotels are normally staffed with nurses who, if necessary, can call a doctor if required. Private doctors can befound mainly in Victoria, they are listed in the local Yellow Pages. The main hospital with dentist and eye clinic is situated on Mahé in Victoria (Mont Fleuri Road), another at Anse Royale and there are health centres in the larger towns of the main islands. Praslin has two clinics, in Baie Ste. Anne and Grand Anse, La Digue has one. Victoria hospital: Tel. 388000; Anse Royale: Tel. 371222; Praslin hospital: Tel. 233333;La Digue hospital: Tel. 234255. 

Health insurance

Costs for any sickness requiring medical attention on the Seychelles are not covered by the European Health Insurance agreement, therefore travel health insurance is recommended. If you are privately insured, check whether your insurance covers the Seychelles.


The emergency number for medical help (ambulance), fire-brigade and police is 999.


Light clothes made of cotton, silk or viscose rayon are ideal for the Tropics (viscose will un-crease in the humid air very quickly!). In the evenings, dress can be casual in all hotels; however men are expected to wear long trousers. Ties and suits can be left at home – unless you are going to a wedding. Warm sweaters are hardly ever needed. A light cardigan or a sweatshirt is sufficient, because it nearly always remains warm in the evenings. Swim wear is only for the beach or in the hotel grounds. A folding umbrella is useful against tropical showers, and light waterproof anoraks for any spray on boat trips. Never forget your bathing shoes as protection against coral and sea-urchins, etc.

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