Getting around and Transport

Getting around - Transport


Public buses run on Mahé, Praslin and a few on La Digue. The main routes on Mahé run every half hour. Generally the services run between 6 am. and 7 pm. To some places there are connections also in the evening. On Praslin there are two lines that run on an hourly basis; Sundays somewhat less. On La Digue the bus tends to operate as and when required and without a firm timetable. The buses don´t stop automatically; one must make a signal as they approach. Likewise, when you want to get off the bus, the driver doesn´t stop automatically. The Seychellois call out "devan", if they want to get off at the next stop. There is a standard ticket price of 3 SR for all journeys.


There are about 150 taxis on Mahé and Praslin and fewer on La Digue. The prices are similar to those in Europe. Although all taxis have a taximeter (by law), when foreigners get in the cab they are not necessarily used. Either you agree the charge before the start of the journey or you insist that the meter is turned on. The main taxi rank on Mahé, (where cars are always to be always found), is in the centre of Victoria, on Albert Street  near to the Clock Tower. Taxis are also always available at the airport for the arrival of international flights. Price example: Airport - Victoria (approx. 30 min., £ 15)

Car Hire

There is a whole range of car hire companies on Mahé and Praslin, which are available at the airport or at the larger hotels. Otherwise a quick look in the local yellow pages or telephone directory and a short call are sufficient to find a car. Hire cars cost between 60-80 euros depending on lengths of hire. To rent a vehicle one must show a national driving licence and pay the fee in advance (you can use a credit card). Third Party insurance is generally included (usually the insurance /driver’s liability, approx.1000 euros, is included), additional insurance (Kasko, passengers) costs extra. The cars are nearly always handed over with a small amount of fuel in the tank so that the first trip should be to the next petrol station to fill up (opening times daily about 7am-7pm ). On Mahé there are altogether only six petrol stations. They are in Victoria, Beau Vallon Bay, at the airport, Anse Royale, Baie Lazare and the Mahé Beach hotel. On Praslin there are two petrol stations: in Grand Anse and Baie St. Anne. On the Seychelles the traffic drives on the left. The traffic signs are much as in Europe. The roads on Mahé are usually in good condition, but narrow, winding and without barriers. The maximum speed on Praslin as well as built-up areas on Mahé, is 40 km/h and out of town is 65 km/h. Any changes of speed limits are well signed. Safety belts are compulsory. Generally on La Digue there are no cars for hire, bicycle hire is recommended. Road emergency services: should you have a breakdown with a rented vehicle, you can inform the car hire firm directly, they will put things right or possibly provide a replacement vehicle.


Helicopter Seychelles, Victoria, Mahé, Tel. 375400/321515, fax 375277, operates individual air transport with small, four-seater helicopters. They operate regularly between Mahé and La Digue (five times per week) as well as Silhouette (three times per week), since both islands do not possess runways for airplanes. In addition one can charter a helicopter for sightseeing flights and private transfers, to Praslin, Frégate and Denis. On Mahé the helicopters land on the airfield and on the Heli-stops in Victoria (at the inter-island quay) and the Plantation Club Hotel in the south. Helicopter flights are very expensive.

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