Telephone, Post, Internet etc.

The main post office is in Victoria (Mahé) on Independence Avenue, right by the Clock Tower. Here there is also an extra counter for philatelists. Opening times Mon-Fri 8-16.00.  Sat 8-12.00 midday.

On Praslin there are post offices in Baie Ste. Anne and Grand Anse Village. Opening times Mon-Fri 8-12 midday 14-16.00 pm Sat 8-12 midday. Mail boxes are
also available in smaller places (next to police stations). You can also hand post in to your hotel reception. Airmail letters and/or post cards to Europe take about 5 days. An airmail letter to Europe costs 3.50 SR, a postcard by air mail 3 SR.

You can make international calls directly from your room. The prefix for the UK is 044, then omit the first 0 from the local number. In the larger hotels there is a direct line from the room. Public telephones are far cheaper. You can nearly always find the white public phones on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue on the main streets. Many of them are card telephones. Phonecards are available from post offices, petrol stations, small shops and boutiques - and in the office of Cable & Wireless in Victoria, on Francis Rachel Street , opposite the National Library building. From there one can telephone more cheaply at all times. For public telephone boxes one needs coins of one or five rupees. Mobile telephones (GSM standard with local SIM cards) can be used on the Seychelles. These cards are also available at Cable & Wireless in Victoria, Tel. 322221. Faxes can be sent from the hotel - or at Cable & Wireless in Victoria.

Internet cafe
There is an Internet Café in Victoria on Francis Rachel Street , just to the right of the Clock Tower, on the first floor. On La Digue there is in L'Union Estate a shop named SeyJoy which, apart from selling souvenirs such as beautiful handmade toys, also has an Internet service. The PC connection with SeyJoy on La Digue costs 1 SR per minute, minimum 5 minutes.

The mains voltage on the islands is 240 V (A/C). The plugs have three pins (square pin). Adaptors are not available in most hotels.

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