Climate and when to travel

The climate is tropical and quite consistent due to the proximity to the equator; the temperature varies between 24° C and 30° C. Rainfall varies between 2.88 mm in the capital Victoria and 3.55 mm on the hillside regions.
Travel time
The Seychelles are influenced by the trade winds, which give this tropical country a relatively pleasant climate. From May to September the wind blows from the south east, and between December and March from the north west. During the transition times in April and October/November the wind speed sometimes falls to zero. At this time the climate can become very oppressive, particularly as the air humidity never falls below 80%. People affected by extreme weather conditions shouldn’t plan a vacation during this period. However the overlapping period can never be predicted exactly as - just as in Europe - the weather can vary by one or two months.

The period between December and March is pleasant with the exception of the time when the north-west trade winds blow. Additionally this is considered to be the rainy period, particularly on Mahé and on the higher regions where the showers can be heavy but usually short. The best climatic period with less rain is between May and the beginning of October. The southeast trade wind blows strongly but steadily day and night which keeps the temperatures at a pleasant level. During this time the tides can be high which restricts swimming in the sea. Whenever one takes a vacation, the water temperature is pleasant the whole year round at approx.26° C.

 Climate Jan  Feb   Mar April  May  June  July  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec 
 Max. Temp. 30 31  31  31  30  29  28  28  29  30  30  30 
 Min. Temp. 24 25  25  25  25  25  24  24  24  24  24  24 
 Sun-hours. 7
 Rainy days 16  11  10  14  11  10  10  10  11  12  14  18 
 Water temp. 27 28  28  29  28  27  26  26  26  26  27  27 

The Seychelles are three hours ahead of Central European time, and two in the summer, except on Denis where the clocks are one hour further ahead).

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