How does the booking process work?

The booking process is as follows:
Our offer in writing with a description of all details of the reservation is sent at the same time as an order form that you can print out. You fill in, sign and send this form back to us by post or by fax 02304/594143. You can also scan the form and send it by email. After the flights and hotels have been booked we send you travel confirmation by return. The reservation is then binding for both sides.

When do we have to pay?

When do we have to pay? You only pay for your journey when you have received the tickets and hotel vouchers, and our price-insurance voucher together with our invoice.

How much diving luggage may I carry?

With Air Seychelles you can carry up to 10 kg additional diving gear free of charge. With Air France feeder flights you can take an additional 20 kg for €20 per flight. With Emirates 15 kg of luggage can be carried additionally free of charge. Qatar Airways: 10 kg additional diving luggage is free of charge. On Condor flights additional diving luggage of up to 30 kg is free. Diving luggage must generally be registered. (as of September 2006)

Are airport taxes included?

Our offers include flights to and from Germany, the transfers onto and between the islands, hotel overnight accommodation with the appropriate board and all airport taxes, fuel surcharges, security fees etc. The departure charge of 50 US€ is not included; it is calculated separately and passed on via the airlines to the Seychelles authorities.

How can we reassure you whilst you’re making a decision to travel?

Call us, we can advise you.

Are luxury resorts also on offer?

Yes!. You can book all types of Seychelles accommodation with us, including island resorts.Try us out!
Call us and tell us exactly what type of accommodation you are looking for.
Let us make you offer that is too attractive for you to turn down.
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